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Interview with Mr. Khoshgoo
The following exclusive interview consists of a friendly chat with a man who is renowned in different industries, especially medical equipment companies. He is a professor, standard consultant, and a certified expert assessor, especially in the field of ISO 13485. No one can doubt his years of experience and exemplary astuteness. We wish the best for him.

How do you find activity in the health industry?
The systematic attention to health has been highlighted in this industry recently. Those in the industry have realized that the industry needs to be standardized in order to survive and grow. On the other hand, according to the 2016 statistics, the Iranian society is going to age and become an old population. Which seems to me to be due to the families’ uncertainty about the future, and especially the health of children, which shows the need to plan for the control of the health of an aging society more than ever before.

What is the secret to your success?
I have been active in the health industry for more than ten years and its continuation is due to the following factors:
 Study of updated standards
 Technical communication close to health legislators
 Honesty with the managers of this industry and that I always regard myself as a manufacturer, as a concern for the health of the community.

Why medical equipment has been the most beneficial business in the world?
Along with the growth of medical equipment, medical industries, and even non-medical equipment in the world, with proper and accurate planning, many have devoted a large part of their capital to the health and relief of this concern. These companies, according to the history of commercial activities by themselves, and of course, with the new feasibility techniques, have concluded that the return on investment in this business will be well guaranteed, given the growing population of the world and its related medical needs.

What have you written so far?
Considering my expertise, I focus on standardizing and translating new standard editions and, of course, applying them in the form of standards translation. They have been published or are under publication.

What advice do you have for advancement in the health industry?
Employers in this area are better off consulting the best experts of this area for better work and efficiency. To be the best, you have to work with the best. Using skilled experts not only overcomes problems but also always leads organizations to excellence. I personally feel in the healthcare industry there is a serious shortage of specialized material labs. This does not mean that in Iran we do not have a reliable laboratory, but I can safely say that we do not have or do not have enough of the validated laboratory approved by the international community, which has a valid ISO 17025 certificate. This is the problem reveals itself when as a manufacturer you decide to export your products.
Today, most consumer countries seek to import products with international certificates, and among these certifications, the FDA and CE are the most reliable. Due to our dour relationship with the United States, the FDA approval is not generally issued. But you need to obtain laboratory evidence from your laboratories for obtaining the CE certificate that has obtained the ISO 17025 from an internationally accredited institution that we do not have in Iran. Therefore you will have to test your product in Turkey, India, or Singapore, which will cost you a lot of money.
I believe that investing in a reputable medical laboratory in the field of medical equipment will be very useful for the country’s advancement in this industry.
In the end, I thank you for having me and I hope that you will continue to be victorious in your heightened aspiration, which is the health of the Iranian society.