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What kind of expertise do you need to invest in this industry?

You need no expertise for investment. Our colleagues will assist you in all stages with their expert knowledge and experience in technical, managerial, and business aspects.

What products are more suitable for investment?

Considering the rapid advances in the medical equipment industry, many products can be very beneficial. We will be able to introduce the best opportunities to you, considering our 33 years of experience and our deep knowledge.

Do products sell well?

If you carefully choose your product, there will be an available market. In fact, disposable medical equipment are never in a depot state in the storages. Considering our experience in medical equipment industry, the sale of your products in guaranteed.

How can I obtain the raw materials?

It takes technical knowledge to find the sources for obtaining the raw material. We always endeavor to find cost effective and high quality sources for our customers. NIAMSH is very knowledgeable about domestic mass producers of raw material and we can obtain the best for you.

Considering the presence of current manufacturers, is there still space for new investors available?

We import more than $5 billion medical equipment products annually.  This shows that there is still a great need for domestic production. The country has a great need in many various kinds of products and the technology advances very rapidly. Therefore only a small corner of the the available market has been occupied.

Do the government and the banks support the investors?

The government aims to fight dependency and help domestic production and therefore it supports this business. The banks follow the same policy and also they consider the reliable benefits and therefore offer high amounts of loans to the investors. Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and also the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade have created amenities in the form of tax relief and funding and low-interest loans.

Which one is better: Procuring medical equipment from Iran or abroad?

NIAMSH machinery’s technology, quality, and services meet the newest international standards and it has incorporated domestic needs and facilities. Therefore it is financially efficient, prevents the flow of currency to outside, considers the special needs of domestic customers, and enables the strengthening of national industry. Therefore NIAMSH can provide all kinds of medical equipment technology for different projects.

Can we export medical equipment?

Our target markets include Caspian Sea countries with a population of 300 million people, Middle East with 200 million, and North Africa with 290 million. While mostly Europe meets the needs of these markets, we are able to take over in the future. NIAMSH medical equipment factories have a high standard and Iran’s neighboring countries have a very high demand, therefore exportation is possible.

Can we found a factory in a region of the country with a lower rate of expert workforce?

Training courses for all the technical and laboratory forces are available and therefore you do not need your own expert workforce. One of special services provided by NIAMSH is dispatching a manager to your factory until it reaches the proper status.

Can we use immovable property such as houses or offices as investment?

Yes, you are able to exchange them in return for factory facilities and equipment.

 Will the newly founded factory be superior to older factories?

Indeed. NIAMSH guarantees that its factories are completely up to date in terms of technology and we constantly add new facilities and machinery.

How much time and energy founding a new factory requires?

You choose how much time and energy you are going to devote. Our colleagues can take over all the stages and take care of everything for you, guaranteeing quality with no time obligations on your part.