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Welcome to this specialized website for investment in the manufacture of disposable medical equipment factories. You too can join the ranks of Iranian entrepreneurs by making a safe investment with high income guaranteed. We believe that if an investor is familiar with all aspects of their investment, they can be very successful.

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How much investment do you need to found a factory?

Considering the myriad options and pathways available to you in this industry, you can begin investment with any amount of money. Some of these options include:
●Bank loans and governmental funding
●Exchange of immovable property
●Creating cooperative companies
Taking into account your amount of investment and available facilities, you can choose as your business plan among 27 relatively new medical equipment production lines and 70 best selling products and 15 knowledge based goods.

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Why invest in medical equipment?

According to statistics, annually more than $5.1 billion worth of medical equipment are imported to Iran.
A vast portion of these medical equipments can be easily and cost-effectively produced in Iran. The production of medical equipment is very beneficial financially, therefore it can be very attractive to investors.
In addition to meeting the needs of Iranian markets, foreign markets are also open to manufacturers. Neighboring, Arab, North African, and Central Asian countries are target markets for medical equipment factories in Iran. Plus, the quality of products imported from China and India is too low and by helping raise the quality standards, you are also improving the health of the patients.

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Why trust us?

NIAMSH Company has more than 33 years of experience in manufacturing medical equipment factories, and we are ready to make our experience available to anyone willing to invest in this lucrative business. Our greatest honor has always been the complete satisfaction of our customers and clients. They include entrepreneurs in the greatest and the most successful producers of medical equipment and they are still serviced by us.
We endlessly provide service to 125 companies cooperating with NIAMSH, and their satisfaction, our quality, native knowledge used in projects, and large benefits in short term advertisement, have all created a great sense of trust in our company.

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