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Our Team

Dr. Mohammad Jaafar Hosseini Shirazi
CEO and Board Member
The greatness and the pride of Iran has always been associated with scientific endeavors throughout its history. The activities of Iranian scientists and researchers in the whole world is praiseworthy. These scientists have contributed to the betterment of human condition by creating machinery and modern equipments. Among them, I have had 33 years of unending struggle for the cause of improving health standards in Iran and I have designed and created machinery and factories and disposable medical devices to achieve this. I have always attempted to increase my own knowledge with classic and practical methods and I have also helped my staff and customers to know more about medical equipment.

Ms. Hadi

Deputy General Manager and Board Member

Advisor on investments on women’s issues. Selected by the Iranian Parliament as the Lady of the Year in 2013. Manager of exhibitions. Expert on evaluating investment schemes in medical equipment

Mr. Hossein Hosseini Shirazi
Manager of Installing and Setting Up Production Lines
20 years of experience installing and setting up production, montage, packaging, and sterilization lines for medical equipment, and also providing customer service and technical advice. The ability to determine correct environmental and physical conditions for maximizing the lifespan of machinery and lines, service and maintenance (including emergency maintenance, corrective maintenance, and predictive maintenance) and training machinery use (total productive maintenance).

Mr. Ehsan Elahi
Business and Foreign Trade Manager
Years of experience in strategic management of foreign trade. Responsible for international trade, organization, guidance, coordination, and policy making in foreign trade affairs, and researching global medical equipment markets. Familiar with e-trade and international laws for trade. Creative and innovative.


Mr. Mohammad Hassan Hosseini Shirazi
IT Manager
Familiar with computer and network systems and software and hardware support. Analysis, design, and application of information management systems. Expert design of websites for medical equipment websites, and the design, installation, and support for office user systems.

Mr. Khosrow Mansouri Taleghani
Technical and Economic Business Plans Expert
More than 50 years of experience in creating industrial and economic business plans. Advising engineer on production and service plans in most industries including chemical, cellulose, food, mineral, polymer, and medical equipment. With a vast experience, he is able to analyze business plans in a very accurate manner and present information such as net and gross value added calculations, the ratio of the finished product and sales price, the head point (at 100% efficiency), the rate of return on capital, and the return on capital. He analyzes financial statements and economic indicators of every plan and thus helps the investor in understanding return on equity capital indicators clearly.

Ms. Saadati
Medical Equipment Technical Supervisor
An expert in industrial engineering, familiar with GMP principles, risk management, medical equipment technical files, and quality management. She has an official Certificate of Technical Supervision of Medical Equipment Manufacturers from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.