Investment expertise in the medical industry web site

Information and technical knowledge and culture

Information and technical knowledge updates

Updating the technical knowledge is possible through these methods:
1. Visit technical information sites from large corporations
2. Visiting international intelligence information sites
3. Visit the specialized exhibitions and congresses sites of the medical equipment industry
4. Visit the exclusive exhibition of medical equipment industry
5. Participation in exhibitions with arbours and meetings with industry experts
6. Reading and reviewing specialized books and journals
7. Benchmarking of organizations with successful processes
8. Create technical archives in the organization and collect information up to date

- Cultural Education for Investment in the Health Industry
The main focus of NIAMSH company is to attract more investors in the health industry by creating and manufacturing medical equipment factories and for that reason it is very aware of the need for creating the appropriate culture in the health industry. Lack of familiarity with the modern culture of investment will cause the worsening of the problem of money sleep in Iran and it would dissuade investors due to the general cultural atmosphere.

In conclusion, considering the participation of investors in the health industry and the purchase of medical equipment machinery, we can posit that the lack of awareness and familiarity of investors in this field has led to the weakness of investment in the industry.

One of the necessary steps is to create news and knowledge bases and expand awareness in the field of economic activity and stability of markets in this area in short and long terms so that we can establish the investment culture for this sector of the economy of this country. Therefore one of the major factors is public advertisements that are necessary for raising awareness among investors.

The lack of governmental and organizational support and the lack of investor familiarity with the knowledge of modern production and the modern economic markets are causing a recession in industrial areas. In order to alleviate the problems of investors’ attention to industrial areas, in particular, the health industry and medical equipment investing, we should create examples. Setting forth examples can lead to solving many questions and ambiguities of individuals towards better understanding of health industry investment.

NIAMSH is on the path of expanding its activities to become known as the largest investor in this sector. NIAMSH creates a great example by considering factors such as the amount of investments, abilities, potentials, thus raising the reputation of its brand and also implicitly changing the culture and attracting other investors.