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Hamid Derakhshani
Who is Dr. Hamid Derakhshani?
Dr. Hamid Derakhshani is a skull, jaw, and face surgeon and a model artisan and manager. He began his studies at the University of Tehran and became a specialist at the Paris Hospital and the New York Hospital. In 1981, because of the Iran-Iraq War, he returned to serve his country.
Dr. Derakhshani began his professional career at the Burn Hospital in Tehran. With hardwork and tireless efforts he managed to revive different plastic surgery centers in Ahvaz, Kerman, Shiraz, and Isfahan. Because of his great talents and hard work he soon entered the industry and founded two companies, Mallard Mushrooms and Soupa Medical Equipment.
In spite of hard work in these companies, he continued to perform plastic surgeries.
Indeed his goal was to achieve self-reliance for the nation practically and with no slogans.
You can always see an abundance of effort. Even though some problems and some short sightedness from some people threatened him, he kept going on the path of the nation with double the effort.
He always faced different pressures but he never gave up.
Maybe making a statue of him or a ceremony in his honor is the least that those in power can do for a man who stands tall for his nation. A man who has managed to produce more than 600 medical equipment for the nation and be a real pioneer in this field.
Today, discreetly and humbly, he works for his country and takes firm steps for the cause of raising employment for the youth of the nation.
Written by: Dr. Mohammad Jafar Hosseini Shirazi