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Training Facilities in NIAMSH
Our Training Program includes:
1.R&D and commercialization of technology and academic projects in the field of health
2.Business plan (from idea, investment, wealth)
3.Familiarity with Key Turnkey Processes
4.Methods of designing and developing and exporting engineering services, technology transfer (communications, barriers, opportunities, threats)
5.Promotion, scientific level of the medical industry of the community by recognizing medical products and equipment
6.Knowledge-based process of product and organization in the health industry
7.Participation in exhibitions, seminars, national and international conferences (implementation, achievements, reverse engineering for product production)
8.New methods of marketing and sales in the global health industry
9.Meet the requirements and requirements of ISO13485: 2016
10.Introduction to ISO 14971 Medical Equipment Risk Management
11.Introducing the CE Marking of Medical Devices 93/42 / EEC
12.Getting to know the technical features of the Work Files file
13.Introduction to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the Medical Industry
14.Sterilization validation (DQ, OQ, PQ, IQ validation)